Our Values:

Yassien & Partners was born out of its founder mutual desire to be values based.


Firm Ethics:

The Firm will continue support its large contingent of Clients and further instill a culture that embraces good governance, diligence, integrity and transparency. Success can only be tangible through such attributes, which will in turn secure an attractive business and work environment to the benefit of our esteemed Clients and staff.


The Firm treats all information and/or documents provided by its clients as highly confidential information

Achieving clients goals:

We are particularly keen to maintain strong relationships with our Clients, guide them towards success while enabling them to attain their targets.


We tell our clients exactly what is involved in our quote. If something unexpected comes up, we discuss it with our clients before we take any action. We are under obligation to keep the client up to date on costs, compare how much has been spent against budget and obtain the client’s agreement before exceeding the budget.


We take responsibility of our actions and strive to always find solutions to the issues that influence the lives of our customers and fellow colleagues.

It’s our business :

Our system of lock-step compensation promotes a careful selection of matters as well as the flexibility to bring the right expertise to bear without regard to factors extrinsic to providing the best service and advice

Our Mission:

  • Support and defend our client’s cases before regional tribunals ,dispute settlement commissions through international commercial arbitration.
  • Provide first-rate quality, responsive legal services ( legal consulting ,legal opinions, drafting and revising contracts ) to our clients to reach successful closure of their businesses .
  • Maintain provision of legal recommendations and heading any problems helping our clients to reach their business targets.